Adam F Thompson
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The meetings were off the charts. Adam ministered in a high level prophetic realm. He not only interpreted my dream but they told me my daughters name and that I named her after Kathryn Kuhlman, which was 100% accurate. he said that I had several boys, I have four boys. My daughter had just had an encounter with and angel 2 montihs ago and Adam mentioned this as well. He was right on about my husband and also my calling. This meeting was incredible. Adam is humble and flows in a mantle of humility. He has a servants heart and I know that God will bless him mightily as he equip the body to hear and discern the voice of God"

Ilona Katie Rose Wilson - Sacramento California

Adam came & spoke at Harvest Australia Church, God did something amazing in my life. I wanted 2 give u an update on what God has done. U had a word of knowledge for someone with food allergies & I came forward. God did alot of healing in me that night & He is still continuing to show me what He has done. Everything u said was so accurate. Every morning I would wake up with a band of pain around my stomach which went right around my back due to food allergies & it has gone!... Also I was diagnosed with a blood disorder called pyrrole disease which made me tired all the time & u asks God 2 give me a blood transfusion. Since then I have had energy! Praise God! When u spoke about being bullied at school & u broke of the bullying spirit that was so powerful because I didn't realize it utill it was gone but I had this constant battle in my mind of negativity towards myself that no matter what I did it wouldn't go away. Happy to say it is now gone! Amen! At the moment I'm on antidepressants & I have been waking up jolting at night & someone told me a while ago that that can mean u have to much serotonin in ur brain so I went to the doctor & he has reduced my medication & I'm feeling so much better. Im believing I will be of them completely! God is so good! A friend lent me ur book The Supernatural Man & I haven't been able 2 put it down.! That is amazing because I haven't liked reading because of dyslexia. God gave me a dream that I was healed from dyslexia & am holding on to that! I give God all the glory for what He has done!

Trish Fields - Adeliade South Australia

In 2010 I had a number of strokes. I was told I had two big ones and two small ones. I was fighting for my life from February to October of that year and needed twelve months of intense physiotherapy to learn to walk again. I was also diagnosed at that time with two conditions of the brain, both life threatening and incurable. Both conditions were limiting my ability to move at times and live a normal life. Regular M.R.I.’s of my brain were done at the same hospital, allowing my neurology specialists to monitor my condition. I had an M.R.I. in May of last year (2012) which again showed that over half of the arteries and blood vessels in my brain were closed, which meant I could have had another stroke at any time. When I asked my specialist if there was anything else they could do to open the arteries or the veins of my brain he said “we have done all we can, there is no cure”. He had never said this to me before. So I said to the Lord, “I’m relying totally on You to heal me, to open up my veins and arteries so I may live, for Your Glory”.

Hope City Church had Adam F Thompson ministering for a weekend in August 2012. Adam called me out to the front and spoke a word of knowledge over me. He said that the Lord wants to bring healing to my brain. Adam didn’t know me or anything about me including my brain, but Jesus did. I claimed and thanked Jesus for this healing and my health started to improve. I was now able to go for long walks of thirty to sixty minutes at a time, something that was previously impossible.

Last December (2012) I needed to have another M.R.I.. I had three neurologists excited when they gave me the results. The M.R.I. showed that all the arteries and veins in my brain had opened up. I asked for a print out of the M.R.I. and I said to one of the specialists “Doctor, this looks like a miracle” and he replied with “I think so”. One of the doctors wrote on the back of the test results of the remarkable improvement to my brain. Jesus has healed me of a rare and incurable condition of the brain which could have killed me at any moment. Praise His Holy Name. I also thank Jesus for His obedient servant, Adam, for bringing His Kingdom healing on earth for me as it is in Heaven.

Carmel Risson - Melbourne, Victoria Australia

I am overjoyed to be able to report a wonderful miracle, and an answer to many prayers. About five or six months ago I was at the Field of Dreams soaker service. As Adam was ministering, I heard him call out that God had given him a word of knowledge concerning a woman named Madeleine. I immediately thought of our Maddie, but she wasn't there. Then Adam said, "She may be the daughter of someone who is present here tonight." I went out the front to receive the word for her, and Adam asked me if she had lost any babies through miscarriage and if there was something wrong with her womb. I replied 'Yes' to both questions, and told him she had advanced endometriosis. Adam prayed for her womb to be healed. I could feel faith being released. Then he prophesied and called forth a child. It was powerful. He looked at me and said something like, "Don't worry, it's ok. She'll have a baby soon." I believed him. I phoned Maddie the next day and she received the word with such happiness, I did a little dance! I am delighted to tell you that at the writing of this testimony, Madeleine and Daniel are expecting a baby! She is 14 weeks,

and all is well! To Your Name be all the praise Lord Jesus! Amen!

Pelita Webb - South Australia



"Last Sunday, 24/1/16. I went to you for prayer, seeking direction / purpose / blueprints. You said “I don’t know why, but I see a 7yr debt cancellation". I thought bumma - no destiny to be had today, but hey, Debt cancellation! - Thats great. I added a few years and items onto that. Thinking mortgage, education debt, visa..etc. But...There was one other debt, purposefully un-entertained in the back of my mind. A debt, I discounted being unworthy of my attention because I had made my mind up much earlier not to give it consideration, It was for God to work out. It was what you might call a complicated "unfair" debt. One I didn't create myself.

It goes like this... Centerlink raised two Family Tax Benefit debts against me from 2009? to 2015. A combining of the two, totaled $13,000.00 Huge. This is the amount of money my sons father should have paid but didn't so they gave the debt to me. logic..? It was said. "According to his tax returns that is the money you should have received and if you didn't, you will have to take it up with him" And after spending several hours between the CSA - Child Support Agency and Centerlink, who could not agree during a conference type ph-call it was concluded that .. Yes, the amounts were wrong and I was told "You actually Owe More than the $13,000.00 and if you don’t agree, you can lodged an appeal. You will need all the papers from CSA to present a case if it comes up before a tribunal" So, I lodged the appeal over the phone and 2 weeks later a phone-book wad of papers arrived from CSA, so I could make a case out of it. They went unread and under the bed. That was about August 2015 and then I left it in God's hands and refused to follow it up due to the waste of time. I just paid the minimal to the 'unjust' debt.
Today, Friday 30/1/16, I received a phone-call, my phone was on silent, but my son picked it up to fiddle with it. He turned it on, gave it a swipe and inadvertently answered a call. A man is saying. Hello, Hello. Hello. Now that may not sound like a big deal to be answering a call from Centerlink. But, anyone who deals with them and any other large organisation in Australia knows that if you miss “their” call - You got Buckley’s Chance of getting hold of the same person. You can spend hours not minutes on the phone to get assistance and a call-back can take just as long and sometimes days. I am just as rapped about this section of the testimony as I am of what follows.
It ends quickly like this... Debt cancelled! Praise GOD. What I have already paid is paid. But, I do receive a credit of $258. I don’t know how they figured-out that amount! I didn’t ask. He said “When they punched the numbers; the debt was more”. I didn’t ask about that figure either? But “the panel” considered that if they raised the ‘Real’ debt owed, it would cause me severe financial hard-ship. So it was concluded that the total debt would have to be cancelled. So, as of today it would be adjusted - no debt and a nominal credit issued. Hallelujah (Now, I didn’t ask, but I do question: Was there a tribunal without me? Yes. I am ever so pleased, that I have an Advocate in Heaven who goes to court on my behalf!)
AND P.S. This morning, I woke up with a clear direction. A creative plan of what I shall put my hand to... (It is beyond my scope and capabilities, but it tickles my fancy all the same) Awesome.. Adam ...Awesome"

Rachel Morgan - South Australia 


Last January our sons and wives were at a Field Of Dreams Church service, you called them out and gave them words. One of the things you told our eldest son and wife was that "they will have not only a child, but children". 2 weeks later she was having female problems and was told by doctors that she had endometriosis and also that only one of her ovaries is functioning, so may not be able to get pregnant. Remembering the word given by you 2 weeks earlier, they decided to believe God. So when a short while ago they decided to start a family, she got pregnant very easily and last Saturday was 13 weeks pregnant !!! God is awesome.

Jude Pfeiffer - South Australia - attends Field Of Dreams Church



Hey Adam. Tonight a prophetic word you spoke over my 10 year old daughter in Raleigh, NC came to pass!!!!

You said "God will give your daughter new healthy friendships". Her best friend watches TWILIGHT (the vampire show) and rated R movies ALL the time (even though she goes to a Christian School) and they have been best friends for several years.

Tonight my daughter said that her best friend WAS NOT that girl anymore and that she has ANOTHER one. YEAH!!!! Sigh of relief!!
You also said that everything will work out with her teacher. (we had an issue with her teacher lying & then we confronted her & the principal about it & the teacher denied it.

At graduation, my daughter was awarded TWO trophies... THE MOST OUTSTANDING STUDENT (for having all A's and having the BEST CHARACTER) and the SCHOLASTIC AWARD (for having the highest GPA) We praise God for you Adam. Your prophetic gift is accurate. Thank you for seeking Him & allowing His River to FLOW out of you to BLESS others.

Susie - Raleigh NC, USA



I was having trouble with my eyes and glaucoma was diagnosed. I have been having treatment for about two years. In December 2010 the specialist told me the pressure in my eye was rising, which was not a good sign. Also the eye felt like it had sand in it all the time and I was always blinking, trying to clear it.

In February this year [2011] during church, Adam had a word of knowledge that someone was having trouble with the right eye and I jumped up straight away and went forward for prayer. Adam spoke to the condition and I felt something change in that eye so that it was no longer uncomfortable. I said, ‘I can see better now and it’s more comfortable’. Adam told me to turn around to the congregation and tell the people and I did, with a thankful heart.

Two weeks later I was scheduled for more tests at the specialist and the results proved to be excellent and showed the eye pressure had returned to normal. The specialist thinks the treatment arrested the glaucoma, but I praise the Lord my sight is improved and my eyes are comfortable. Jesus did it. Of course!

James Pooley, - South Australia - attends Field Of Dreams Church


A few months ago (June 2012) I was at the Soakers Service at Field of Dreams when Adam gave me a word of knowledge that he was seeing a young man walking through a door. He asked me if I had any children and with that I replied 'yes', two boys (adults). I then said I believe it is my eldest son walking into the Kingdom of God. He then asked the church to all pray for my son.

I kept on praying for my two son’s salvation and then two weeks ago (Nov 2012) my eldest son gave his life to the Lord! PRAISE the LORD!!! and thank-you Adam for being obedient to Our Father.

Amanda Ford - South Australia



Hey Adam, Do you remember a few weeks ago at the soaker service you called out a word of knowledge about someone who's mum had passed away and there was a piece of her jewellery missing? Well i went forward for that because a very unique brooch of my mum's had gone missing. Well i was only talking to my dad about it on Saturday saying that we had checked all her clothes, handbags, jewellery boxes etc. and it was nowhere to be found and guess what? today, it is in her jewellery box along with all her other jewellery!!
Praise God, He is so good to us!!! Thanks Adam.

Libby Cunningham - South Australia - attends Field Of Dreams Church



Hi Adam, You had a prophetic word over a lady in her late 60's and spoke about money coming to her. Two days after the meetings she received $5000. She has never had anything like this happen in her life. She was amazed.

Thanks for coming and blessing us!

Andrew Magrath - Hope City Church, Victoria Australia



I spoke at our meeting yesterday. As I was preparing, I remembered your meetings here in Canberra how you moved with words of knowledge. I've never moved in that before but remembering how you did your meetings...The day before I spoke I asked the Lord for words of knowledge for the meeting, the Lord gave me nine specific words of knowledge for different people and seven responded to those words...Amazing God!!

Thank you for coming to Canberra, your ministry encouraged me to move out more in the supernatural.... God Bless you continually with uncommon blessings!!’

Noa Muranyi - Canberra Australia



Had been having problems with my digestive system for over 20 years. I would double over and some times faint from the pain. There were times that I would waken in the middle of the night covered in sweat, heart pounding, short of breath and scared . Paramedics could not find the problem. I thought my problem was I.B.S. When I had gone for allergy tests the first time the Dr. said I had no food allergies and still I was getting very bad pain in my stomach and bowel. I went for tests again 7 years ago and was tested allergic to: potatoes, tomato's, green and wax beans, chicken, beef, pork, yeast, apples and peanuts.

On the second day of the Cloverdale Church Conference in Vancouver, as I waited to share my dream with Adam, he stopped mid prayer over my friend Alex and said that there is someone who had peanut allergies. I responded, "I'm right here." as Adam prayed I felt something inside me flicker and I knew right away that God healed me of allergies. I did not wait to test it. I ate that night. God healed all the allergies I had. No pain nor embarrassing effects. I ate an apple this morning!!

Praise God!!! Thanks Adam.

Tammy Mackie - Canada Vancouver




When I met Adam and discerned the authentic call oh his life in the area of dreams and visions, I had him pray for me. As a result, I am dreaming more and understanding more. He shared with me how many who attend his conferences or who read The Divinity Code begin to dream and have supernatural interpretation after receiving instruction.

Patricia King - XP